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Naruto Headband ‘Photographer’


I was at a massive con, it was the second day I was there. Now, I didn’t have the money for a full costume this time so I put together some things and bought some jewelry and made a pretty lovely woodsprite-y outfit.
So I’m walking around, and as I’m asking about the prices of some earrings I get tapped on the shoulder. It’s a massive, 20-something year old neckbeard who probably hasn’t washed a day in his life. He’s got a camera on him and is sporting a scratched-up naruto headband. He says he’s a hobby photographer and he wants to go outside and take some pics of me in a tree or something.
I look over at the people behind the stall counter and give them a “what do i do?” look. They gave me sympathetic looks back, so I turn to this guy and politely decline his request.
He grabs my shoulder and starts pleading with me saying “But you have such a pretty costume, I feel lonely, I just want to be taking beautiful photos” etc etc.
So I back away from the stall a little (thinking I can get swept up in the crowd and use that as an excuse to leave) and smile at him, and say no again. This time he comes right up to me and says he’ll “rape me in the bathrooms if i don’t go outside with him.”
I’m scared shitless at this point, but I’m 6ft tall and he was probably 5”7, so I thought that if worse comes to worse, I could fight him off. So I nod, smile, and tell him to follow me.
I walk straight up to the outside door, because that’s where I know the con security is. Now, Mr. Creepy Photographer thinks I’m leading him outside.
I very quietly tell the security that the man had threatened me, and they called the police on him straight away. The people at the stall had heard it all so they vouched for me, and Mr. Creepy Photographer was brought back to the police station, while another officer stayed behind to talk to me. The officer made sure I felt calm, and he made me a coffee and asked me a few more questions about Mr. Creepy Photographer.
A few days later I got a call from the same officer - It turned out that the guy had raped a girl behind a stadium at another con, and left before she could report it. Her family was notified, and he’s now serving 8 years of prison.
I have never been so freaked out in my life, so I don’t go to cons anymore and stay well away from any weird men in naruto headbands.